Thank you for your interest in learning more about Mercadien Asset Management.  The following pages describe our comprehensive financial planning and asset management services.

As you might expect, we will tell you about our values and core competencies, our years of experience and first-class reputation, our collective expertise plus an access to a network of professionals in related areas (taxes, legal issues, insurance, the works), and our technical know-how. That’s all there, along with a decade of firm members’ interviews, articles and network television appearances, 

Preening about resumes and boasting about past accolades have become staples of financial services industry marketing.  But that’s backwards.  What matters to you more than learning about our past is finding a team that wants to learn a lot about yours. That’s the start to building your future.

We will work with you to put things in order instead of putting them off. Then we can start putting things together.  Often that means taking a good look at where you have been:  Reviewing dusty documents and financial statements and even confronting past missteps.  Right-sizing future aspirations and, possibly, taking a hard look at current lifestyle choices.  It all takes effort and perhaps even months. That investment of time—yours as well as ours --will provide you with your greatest return.   

Of course our mutual goal is to build your wealth. In order to achieve long-term financial success and weather the market’s inevitable ups and downs, you must be comfortable that your investments are coordinated with a plan you’ve helped design.  

The real key here isn’t us selling you; it’s about you understanding yourself.   We want you to feel you’ve been prudent and thorough, made appropriate decisions, and done everything you can to protect the people you care about and to ensure you don’t run out of money before you run out of heartbeats.
So if you are ready to take a deep dive planning your financial future, we would welcome the opportunity to meet and explore if our brand of comprehensive wealth planning is what you are looking for.

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