Market Commentary (03-02-2023)

We discuss the market's continued shift away from "story stocks" back towards fundamentals. Also, the meaningful march higher in interest rates means that there is an alternative again.

Market Commentary (03-02-2023)2023-03-16T14:05:47-04:00

Market Commentary (12-05-2022)

Inflation isn't the only thing that has recently run hot; recent jobs data came in strong. Sifting through the details, the Fed's fight against inflation looks successful (so far).

Market Commentary (12-05-2022)2023-03-16T14:25:13-04:00

Market Commentary (09-02-2022)

The Fed, rates rising, and recession watch - we cover all of the hot topics.

Market Commentary (09-02-2022)2023-03-16T14:56:07-04:00

Market Commentary (05-31-2022)

Market volatility has picked up as interests rates rise causing reverberations throughout the economy. The growth game is on the decline as value investing makes a comeback.

Market Commentary (05-31-2022)2023-03-16T15:21:06-04:00

Market Commentary (03-08-2022)

We've decided to provide a little more insight into our market and economic analysis through these market commentaries. Here we discuss the rocky start to 2022.

Market Commentary (03-08-2022)2023-03-16T15:34:26-04:00
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