Managing Sudden Wealth

Whether it is from an inheritance, the sale of a business, or possibly the result of a legal settlement you have been thrust into the role of managing a lot of money. With it comes many new responsibilities and people counting on you to make the right decisions. Unfortunately, money does not come with an instruction manual, and you might not be confident you know how to protect it and grow it to hopefully last a lifetime. You probably have lots of questions such as:

  • What should I do with this newfound wealth?
  • What questions should I be asking?
  • How much can I spend today without having to worry about “blowing it?”
  • Should I invest or pay down debt?

Not sure where to start? Partner with us and we’ll tackle these new responsibilities together. You won’t be missing the instruction manual when you’re with Mercadien.

Our team of professionals will identify the things you need to think about, analyze your situation, prioritize your financial decisions, and we can even introduce you to other professionals such as accountants and attorneys, and coordinate with them, to address the entirety of your financial well-being.